In common with hundreds of organisations, the Committee has made the decision to suspend all activities for the foreseeable future. We cannot comply with the Government’s social distancing policy and the venues we use are closed.

The decision to start imposing restrictions was announced just after 5.00pm on the day before we were due to go to Knightshayes. It was decided we must cancel the visit. Turners were very helpful and Gill phoned everyone who had booked for the visit and by 6.00pm everything was cancelled! The visits to Batsford Arboretum on Thursday 23 April and Forde Abbey on Sunday 17 May have also been cancelled. If you applied for these visits you should have received confirmation that this has been done and that your cheques will be destroyed. Subsequent visits will be kept under review but it does now seem likely that others will not take place. Be assured that we shall resume visits as soon as it is deemed safe.

As far as the holiday is concerned, a decision will be made in the middle of May. The final payment is due on 17 May and it will be discussed with PS Travel a few days before that. If it is cancelled, we shall receive a full refund of our deposits.

The AGM on 29 April has been cancelled. At first the Committee thought it would be arranged for later in the year but we have now decided not to hold one this year. The current committee will remain in office until 2021.although we may co-opt some new members.

We are unable to publish a newsletter at present as the printers are closed.

Please all stay safe during these difficult times. We send you all our Best Wishes.

The Committee

Welcome to Clifton Garden Society

We are a friendly society of garden enthusiasts originally set up by a group in the Clifton suburb of Bristol - hence the name. However we now have members from most areas of the city and some of the surrounding villages.

We have just celebrated our 25th anniversary with a summer tea party at one of the local Garden Centres enjoyed by approximately 60 of our members. (see Autumn Newsletter)

If you live in the Bristol area and enjoy gardens why not join us – you can be sure of a warm welcome!


Here is our latest Newsletter - click to download

Membership for 2020

If you wish to join the Society go to the Join  page and download an application form.

Please include your email address on your application form.  If you don't have email please let us know so we can send communications by post.